Aug 8, 2006

it's a wired, wired, wired, wired world

Harvie Heights is a "suburb" of Canmore, which sits just outside Banff National Park, and, like Canmore, primarily exists to provide hotel rooms for tourists. There are enough lodges and chalets in the vicinity that, even though the wireless internet at our hotel is down, we're siphoning a signal from a neighbor. So, to be honest, I'm blogging from Harvie Heights just because I can.

Today we trekked up to the Columbia glacier, where eighty years of global warming have chopped back the ice field by over 5,000 feet, averaging over sixty feet per year. (Signs mark the decades, a too-concrete reminder of the planet's latest mood swing.) Tomorrow, Lake Louise. Thursday, home, twelve straight hours in the car. I have enough Swedish Fish to make it.

End transmission.


Murky Thoughts said...

Funny, I mostly comment because I can. Anyhoo, while here, you know really it's local warming that any particular glacier cares about, and while you didn't explicitly assert the opposite or really create any ambiguity, I.... Well, it's like I said.

Jim said...

I'd name every glacier across this planet that's shrunk in the last century, but my Al Gore impression is a little rusty.