Aug 27, 2006

Cal Thomas is afraid of family values

How else to explain this?
In the United States, former presidential candidate and journalist Pat Buchanan again is stirring controversy by trying to give sight to the willfully blind. An open border that allows anyone to come to the United States, he asserts, means the country is headed for self-destruction. Buchanan's figures are irrefutable: one in 12 illegal immigrants has a criminal record; by 2050 there will be 100 million Hispanics (at current immigration rates) concentrated in the American Southwest, as some radicals plot to undo the results of the Mexican-American War.
Even if we put on a Cal Thomas lens and try to lump all Hispanics into one category, that category is overwhelmingly Catholic, married, and self-identified as religious at the same rate as Whites. (In fact, Thomas ought to be more concerned about all those secular Asians, by far the least religious ethnic group.)

The most likely reason that Hispanics don't vote for God-fearing, gun-toting, national-security-protecting Republicans is the GOP's association with stances like Thomas's. Ironically, if Cal Thomas wanted a permanent values-voting majority, he'd do his best to woo Hispanic voters.

(Incidentally, that 1 in 12 illegal immigrants stat is misleading as well.)

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