Aug 30, 2006

bacteria in the big box bookstore brew

Which java joint gets the worst knuckle-rapping in this week's Health Inspections? Barnes and Noble's cafe, that's which.
COMMENTS: Red - Milk and half & half cream were kept in undercounter refrigerator between 51-55°F. Cold holding must be at 41°F or below. Do not leave dairy products on counter at room temperature. Handwashing sink at front area was out of order. Handwashing sink in back area was completely blocked by a cart. Sink was used as a handwashing sink but soap was not readily available. All handwashing sinks must be accessible and operable.

Blue - Evidence of rodent infestation was observed. Pest control management by professionals must be used more effectively. Cleaned utensils were exposed to potential contamination by soapy water generated from washing hands. Biscotti was kept under handwashing sink.
"Evidence of rodent infestation was observed." Eek! Mice and/or rats!

While I'm bashing B&N's Starbucks, I should point out that my favorite coffee stop, Batdorf and Bronson, is pristine by comparison.

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