Jul 30, 2006

Aldo Kelrast anagram

Everyone knows that Aldo Kelrast's last name is an anagram for "stalker." But that's just too obvious for the ingenious writers of Mary Worth. The "Kelrast" anagram is a false lead. Fellow MW fans, you have to look at Aldo Kelrast's entire name.

Here's where it gets murky. Which anagram is intended? Dollar steak? Stalled okra? Darkest Lola? Karate dolls? Okay, ladle tsar? Least old ark? Dr., let's koala?

The possibilities are endless--and frightening.


sb10 said...

Wow, you really had me intrigued! I did an anagram lookup and came up with this list:

Aldo Kelrast anagrams

The entries that got me thinking were "leak last rod" and "steak all rod". Perhaps the former is Aldo's real condition and the latter is Aldo's desired condition. The other numerous possibilities on the list are just as curious.

daz k said...

Mary Worth is the gayest shit ever. i think that dude aldo just wants a moustache ride