May 20, 2006

gay adoptive parents are parents, too

More "judicial activism," this time in Oklahoma:
A federal judge struck down a 2-year-old law that prohibits Oklahoma from recognizing adoptions by same-sex couples from other states and countries.

U.S. District Judge Robin Cauthron ruled Friday the measure violated due process rights under the U.S. Constitution because it attempted to break up families without considering the parents' fitness or the children's best interests.

Gay-rights organization Lambda Legal had challenged the law on behalf of three same-sex couples....

"It's another case of an activist court trying to legislate from the bench," said Republican Rep. Thad Balkman. "It's unfortunate that a single judge is trying to rewrite the law."
A well-respected judge with a reputation for fair dealing who volunteers for Habitat for Humanity on the side. Now that's my kind of "activist."

Added: Oh, and she's a Bush (Sr.) appointee. Why do Republicans keep choosing judicial "activists?"

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Peter said...

The law "attempted to break up families without considering the parents' fitness or the children's best interests."

In other words, despite all the rhetoric from conservatives about how same-sex marriage is objectively bad for everyone, when it came to keeping same-sex couples from adopting kids, the best they could come up with was something to the effect, "Uh, you're gay, m'kay? Bein' gay is bad, m'kay? You can't have kids when you're gay, m'kay?"

If there really is all this evidence that same-sex marriage is objectively bad and will tear our society apart, then why isn't any of that showing up in these pieces of legislation that keep getting shot down? Why not come up with specific factors that will address the fitness of same-sex parents and the best interests of their adoptive children?

Oh, wait, I know. Probably because (1) it would be impossible to come up with standards that would effectively bar adoption by all same-sex couples without affecting opp-sex couples, and (2) there is no evidence that same-sex parents are objectively worse than opp-sex parents.