Apr 16, 2006

magnetic laundry system

The magnetic laundry system threatens to destroy the world of laundry as we know it. No more water. No more soap. No more wrinkles, spots, stains, smudges, marks, blemishes, blots, spatters or specks. No more hassle.

No more pain.

The system is elegant in its simplicity (see illustration at right). Stains form in clothing when positively-charged filth particles, or fions, bond to negatively-charged fabric particles. The magnetic laundry system involves two components: an electromagnetic bar, passed over clothing to attract fions, and the Jiggolator®, a gentle shaking device that helps loosen fions from fabric.

The system, invented by electrical engineers at the University of Massachussetts, has several patents pending. Expect to see magnetic laundry systems at all major retailers by October 2006.

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