Feb 8, 2007

mmm... miraculin

An enzyme found in a fruit that makes bad taste good? It sounds too yummy to be true--but it is.
The fruit itself is mostly tasteless, though slightly sweet. The pit is surrounded by a weird, slick layer of pulp. It’s not bad to eat, but one would get bored with it pretty quickly. The true test came next, as we again sampled the lime. The result? Utter astonishment. The very same lime we’d tried moments before suddenly tasted like it had been dipped in sugar. All the stinging acidity was gone, leaving only the pleasing citrus and an amazing sensation of sweetness that left us craving more.

Our sense of taste completely transformed, we orgiastically began sampling everything we could get our hands on. Lemons tasted like lemonade. Meyer lemons tasted like the sweetest oranges. Grapefruits tasted awesome, and I don’t even like grapefruit. Goat cheese tasted like candy. Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout tasted bigger and sweeter than ever. (One of us had never had a stout before. After drinking stout with miraculin, every other will probably be doomed to disappoint.)

My own contributions were a beer and a coffee. The beer was Magic Hat’s Roxy Rolles seasonal ale, which kept its intriguing flavor while losing its normally hoppy bite. For my friend who doesn’t like hoppy American beers, the miracle fruit “fixed” it....

The bottom line: miracle fruit is amazing. Imagine a party of people chomping into lemons and limes with abandon, and you’ve got an idea of its power.
The fruit isn't FDA friendly, of course; we wouldn't want people enjoying foods they shouldn't. The true test would be to find out if it makes Jones Holiday Soda palatable.

(Oh, and so much for Leon Kass's "wisdom of repugnance.")

Hat tip: Radley Balko.


Anonymous said...

I bought some from http://miracleUK.info/ and it’s actually amazing. So much better than I thought - it really works. Everyone should try this once.

Anonymous said...

I got mine from Miracle Fruit World , and lemons really taste sweet! I used some of their recipes as well; superb customer service! Highly recommended!