Jan 28, 2007

questions to ask randomly

You might think that "random questions" and "questions to ask randomly" are the same. But then, you probably think that Pepsi and Coke are the same, too, which shows how much you know. (That means you know nothing. This parenthetical is included for your enlightenment.)

Random questions are questions that pop out of nowhere, conversation starters. Questions to ask randomly, though, are purposeful. They are meant to stop, rather than start, conversation, and to invite silent reflection, or at least silence.

Some sample questions to ask randomly are listed below.

1. Which phenomenologist are you aping?
2. What would that mean in a world without verbs?
3. What would it take to convince you otherwise?
4. What's that on your face?
5. What if a libertarian won the presidency?
6. How would that work as a motto for a fledgling nonprofit?
7. Which movie is that from?

[131st in a series]


Kelsey said...

1. Martin Heidegger
2. It wouldn't mean anything, as having meaning is a verb. Hence the answer and question cancel each other out.
3. A Coke would convince me, as long as it isn't a Pepsi, no one can stand that stuff.
4. Oh thanks, it's a bit of Coke that spilled on my cheek.
5. Tax cuts! Wooohoo! Social Program Cuts! Oh no.....
6. The nonprofit would never take flight.
7. Plan 9 From Outer Space

Now back to our conversation...

Mark said...

1. how would that be changed if 7 were not prime?

(see also Godel, Escher, Bach and the related conversation between Achilles and the Tortise about the idea of subjunctive sports replay on TV.

Anonymous said...

Because everyone needs to think more, this is from Pablo Neruda's El Libro de las Preguntas

How come you cannot see the air?
If shoes could talk, what would they say?
Why does the moon follow you? What does it want, anyway?
Do clouds sleep?
What have you come into this world to make happen?
Who decided to put thorns on the rose bush?
Does water feel anything when it is made to boil?
Is 4 the same four for everybody?
Why do we not have Thursday come after Friday every once in a while?
How did the abandoned bicycle win its freedom?
Why do clouds cry so much? What is going on up there anyway?
How many churches are there in heaven? Or mosques? Or temples?
Why do trees hide their beautiful roots?
Why do leaves commit suicide when they feel yellow?
How many years are in a month?