Apr 25, 2006

the dead ends of the blogosphere

Maybe you've started a blog or two that went nowhere, so this doesn't seem so tragic to you.
Well... to jump right in, I'd say that life has been weird lately.

And that's funny seems how weird is such an ambiguous term.

I used to really like this one girl... now I just want to be her friend. She doesn't really care about me, in the sense that she doesn't really want to spend time with me. Now that I have graduated and the summer before college has started, you would think there would be at least a little more effort on her part. I have pretty much given up. Maybe things will change.
And that's it. Three spam comments and nothing more. A microcosmos of emo, every sentence dripping with angst and ambivalence. Jumping right in to blogging only to jump right back out. The snark in me itches to say, You'd think there would be at least a little more effort on his part. But maybe the story ends because she comes back, says she loves him. They run away to Antarctica to shoot penguins for National Geographic.

So, readers, what's your favorite dead-end blog?

1 comment:

helmut said...

How about Juicy Fruiter, from the third comment to your dead-ender?

"Not much about me, just I am a park ranger for a local park, I love my job, but I love juicy fruit even more!"

So, Cuy is an unintentional non-dead-ender, after all.