Jun 11, 2005


The wife is at her laptop, formatting envelopes, growing increasingly frustrated with the vagaries of Microsoft Word. Eventually I figure out how to work around a stupid feature that automatically gives custom page sizes a 3-inch left margin, and a glaring deficiency in Samsung's printer driver that lets you rotate a page only in a 180-degree implement. And then Word stops working, inexplicably, and I have to figure out another workaround. I hate you, Microsoft.

Followed by brunch with Spooner Farms strawberries, Snoqualmie Falls Lodge pancakes, and Batdorf and Bronson coffee. The last is a huge clue that yes, I do live in Olympia.

(In fact, Joe, I'm no longer the only Greener in my family, since my wife was recently accepted to their undergraduate program. It's actually not a bad place to get an inexpensive degree, if you have a healthy bullshit detector.)

Oh, and I have a new goal in life: to write a book that meets my brother's critical approval, which is pretty darn stringent, as you know if you've been following his series of book reviews.


Captain Princess said...

What? I'm not family?

Joe Carter said...

***It's actually not a bad place to get an inexpensive degree...***

The first time I thought about getting out of the Marines was when I was in Olympia. At the time (mid 90's) I considered staying in that area and finishing my degree at ESU. I thought it would not only be interesting to be the only conservative on campus but would be a fine way to sharpen my own beliefs.

I ended up reenlisting and moving on but I've always been curious about what would have happened if I had taken that path.